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Sled dog races are a fascinating experience for young and old. So that your visit becomes a positive experience, we would like to give you here some tips so that you can really enjoy the day.

Next to and on the trail

There are usually winter hiking trails along the course from where you can follow the race. The downhill runs are always spectacular, where the teams really get going. Often speeds of 40 km/h and more are reached. It is therefore worth staying not only in the start/finish area, but also visiting other parts of the track. Should you use the trail as a footpath due to a lack of alternatives, it is essential that you move along the edge of the route and never take an outside bend in a descent.


If you have small children with you, make sure that they cannot distract the teams by screaming or get onto the trail unnoticed. Never leave children unattended along the trail!

On the Stakeout

Most Musher are pleased about your interest in our sport and the dogs. Sled dogs are usually very human friendly and there are many real cuddly bears among them. Before you approach the dogs, please ask the musher if he allows you to do so. He will be happy to introduce you to the dogs and show you which ones you can pet without hesitation. Do not under any circumstances feed the dogs with food they have brought with them. Also at the Stakeout: Children must not be left unattended!

Your own dog

We recommend leaving your own dogs at home. Should you nevertheless bring your pet to the race, the following regulations apply for the benefit of your dog:

It applies an absolute leash obligation, no matter how big or small the dog is and how well he obeys.

Do not let your dog near the stakeouts and the teams.

Keep a minimum distance of at least 5-10 m between your dog and the track.

Barking dogs have lost nothing along the track.

Do not stand with your dog in exposed places, e.g. outside in curves that can be seen from afar, where the teams will discover your dog from afar.

The trail is not a walk. Use the winter hiking trails which run close to the trail. Visitor dogs have lost nothing on the racetrack.


We thank you for adhering to our rules of conduct. They allow us an accident-free procedure and fair conditions for the teams.

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