A touch of Alaska and adventure

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It is an impressive sight when the sled dog teams race past the crowds. A mixture of elegance, power, speed and the unrestrained will to race characterize the sled dogs, which can be admired at the races. This is the "desire to go", the desire to run, which the Swiss Sled Dog Sport Association SSV has written on its logo.








The Races

Races are held worldwide, which differ in sprint, medium distance and long distance races. The SSV organizes sprint races in Switzerland. The races are held and evaluated in different categories. The categories differ with regard to the number and breed of dogs and between sled, Jöring and Pulka. Women and men are also judged separately in the ski categories. The distances range between 6 and 18km depending on the category and the race location. The races are held in two runs (Saturday and Sunday) and the cumulated time decides the victory.

Attractive for spectators

Even if the sled dog sport in Switzerland is a marginal sport: For spectators especially with children, a sled dog race is a grandiose experience. In hardly any other sport is such close contact with the four-legged athletes possible. Sled dogs have been bred for centuries in such a way that they show no aggression towards humans and are very child-friendly. Thus it is possible to admire the animals during their time at the Stakeout (the dogs are tied to long chains during the rest breaks) and in most cases also to touch them. Many of them are real battle cuddlers and also enjoy being stroked by spectators.

If you would like to visit a sled dog race, please read the article "Visitors", which will provide you with all the necessary information.